Software Engineering at Google Chapter #20 - Static Analysis (2 of 3)

  • Also beware of too many pedantic or nitpicks or “technically correct” things in your static analysis tools. Too much of this will drive developers to ignore all warnings
  • “Linters” are a type of static analysis tool and are the most common type of static analysis tool found in the wild
  • Other static analysis tools do more advanced things such as check code execution paths, data flows, and even automatically fix issues (replace a deprecated function with the new version)
  • Static analysis (linters & syntax checkers) can be helpful for everyone, not just software developers…
    • Config files for applications
    • Domain-specific expertise such as local date / time formats
  • Google’s static analysis tool is named Tricorder and the design goals are:
    • ‘Only delivery valuable results to users’
    • To scale Tricorder Google uses microservices and what they call analyzers (think plugins)
    • Analyzers are for project level customizations, not user level customizations because user level customizations lead to confusion and loss of standardization



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