Software Engineering at Google Chapter #2 - How to Work Well on Teams (2 of 3)

  • The 3 Pillars of Social Interaction are respect, humility, and trust
  • Showing vulnerability (admitting when you are wrong) builds trust and respect
  • Playing the “social game” isn’t about manipulating people. It is about creating relationships to get things done.
  • Relationships outlast projects
  • Drop the ego
  • There is a difference between constructive criticism of an individual’s work output and attacking someone’s character (usually their intelligence)
  • You are not your code. Don’t take code reviews personally.
  • Don’t tell someone they are “wrong” - there is a better way to phrase it
  • Use humility to make the question about you, not about them (“I don’t understand what you’re doing in this part…” vs "You're not explaining this well")



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